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Our History
Castle Quay Books was founded in 2002 as an independent Canadian publishing imprint. We are dedicated to the advancement of the Canadian and American writing community with the purpose of developing and publishing high value, quality titles, by both established and new authors.
We strive to find and promote quality messages that will inform, challenge, inspire and uplift all our readers.

World-wide Sales
Although our original focus was on Christian subjects we now publish numerous titles, all selected because of their high moral content and balanced quality message on a wide variety of subjects. Today our titles are available to readers world-wide where we now distribute our books into over 29 countries in hard copy format, and 17 countries in audio book and e-book formats.

Award Winning Titles

Our titles have been nominated for over 115 publishing awards by various groups in Canada and the USA and have won more than 61 top awards from those nominations.

Subject categories include, but are not limited to: art, biographies, business, children’s stories, finance, family, gift books, inspiration, history, leadership, memoirs, non-fiction, popular culture issues, political issues, social justice issues, spiritual, teaching/self-help, teen, theological, women’s focus, and women in leadership

Supporting Authors and Writers

We are closely associated with various writing guild associations in Canada and for more than 20 years have been a regular sponsor of  several "Canadian Author Awards" presented by the Word Guild at their annual awards dinner.

In Canada, our titles are distributed nationally by:

Parasource Marketing & Distribution
55 Woodslee Avenue,
Paris, Ontario N3L 3E5

In the USA, by Ingram International

Phone 1-800-937-8000

If you would like to contact myself, our distributor, or one of our authors, please forward your queries by e-mail to info@castlequaybooks.com clearly stating the nature of your request and include your contact details. We would be delighted to assist you.

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