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Tom’s new in-depth study of debt, its destructive power in the believer’s life and God’s guidelines on getting out of it

Daring to Care God’s Way

Daring to Care God’s Way follows the adventures and misadventures of Janet Barr Bayman throughout a long life of service to the Kingdom

Belma captures stories and experiences like windows into First Nation communities giving life and meaning to their true identity in God

building of a deeper spiritual bond between a mother and her son(s) through reading a short Proverbs devotion segment together

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Financial Moments is an in-depth Bible study with over 370 references of Biblical Principles that will transform how you manage your money.

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We have a great selection of Bible Study options for small groups or individual study.

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Meet our feature author Tim J Huff who has spent his adult life combining his love of visual arts, writing and music with social justice and humanitarian endeavours. Tim has been in full-time charitable work
for over 35 years – serving, learning and teaching across North America. Tim is
an acclaimed speaker, a best-selling author and award-winning
author-illustrator of children’s books.

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For 25 years he delivered over
3,000 “Cal’s Commentaries” on the popular 100 Huntley Street TV program, but there was a hidden world of Cal Bombay. Now, here is the journey that shaped the humble hero that so many came to love.

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